The building of a business is much similar to the construction of a house. Both processes start with a good foundation. These foundations establish the parameters of how the home is to be constructed or how the business is to develop.

At Ted Funke & Associates, P.C., it was decided in its formative stages that basic sound business principles would be our foundation. These principles can be divided into four standards which when implemented lead to success.

The first standard deals with client relations and is a very simple principle. Simply stated, perform the services agreed to, do them in the time promised, and charge a reasonable fee for that service. Many of our existing clients have been referred to us because our competition failed to adhere to this standard.

The second standard deals with advice that is given to either businesses or personal clients. We only give advice to clients, which we ourselves would implement in our business or personal lives. In this process, we insure that our advice is objective and honest. Over the years, this position has prompted many disagreements of opinion with clients. This open and frank discussion of clients problems will generally lead to a resolution of that problem.

This concept leads us to our third standard and that is, as a firm we are problem solving oriented. We exist to solve what a client perceives as their problem. Our clients have appreciated this facet of our services and accordingly view us as an integral part of their business.

The final standard upon which this firm is built is the idea that employees are also people. Having been employees in the past, we experienced first hand how not to treat co-workers. That mistake was not to be duplicated.

Our people are trained, motivated, experienced, and perceptive to our clients' needs. They are compensated accordingly and the low turnover which we experience is indicative that the environment which we have strived to establish in our office is positive.

That positive attitude is apparent to anyone who enters our office. Interestingly, this attitude is contagious and converts to energy. Anyone in business is well aware of what can be accomplished with positive attitudes and positive energies.

These attributes and adherence to our four standards differentiate Ted Funke & Associates, P.C. from our competition. We are pleased and proud of the fact that we are different.